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How to take good photos with your iPhone.

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Aimee Song MSGM Dress by that Pink Wall

 I’m going to be honest. I’m not how I used to be when it comes to taking blog photos. I used to always carry my giant DSLR even if I was going on a coffee run or to my job site, just incase I had a photo opp for the blog. I’d ask anyone and everyone from Wesley Mason to my contractor to take my outfit photos with the DSLR. Now? I’m getting lazy. I’m getting old, too busy, and carrying my giant DSLR is…heavy. I now just carry my mini canon camera  that takes amazing photos but sometimes, I forget to even take that so I’ve been taking some of my blog photos with my iPhone. Here’s a quick tip on how to take good iPhone photos and make them instagram worthy: It’s all about the lighting and the background. aimee_song_pink_dress_pink_wallMy wonderful and even lazier sister Dani (aka @songdani) took these photos around 2pm when the sun was super strong. Usually, I like to shoot during the golden hour since the lighting is so pretty and it’s the ideal lighting if you’re shooting portraits or landscape photos. However, when the sun is strong like it is in these photos, they create really fun shadows and the best way to highlight the shadows would be capturing them on a simple wall like this one. Even if you don’t have a colorful wall near you, try a simple white background. It will make your photos more interesting if you play with shadows.  aimee_song_pink_dress_pink_wall_los_angelesaimee_song_pink_dress_that_pink_wallaimee_song_pink_dress_flower_wallThis shot was taken during the golden hour around 5pm. See how much softer the image looks compare to the above images? I happened to be in this area tat that time so I took advantage of it and posed by a pretty background on Melrose. Aimee_song_and_dani_songand when you want to just showcase something, think simple. It doesn’t have to be a crazy cool background. The simple black brick wall made the perfect photo backdrop for us because I think this photo describes our completely different style so well.

Do you guys have any great tips on how to take better photos especially with your phone?


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