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I wanted to share these photos I took from South Africa during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa in Johannesburg with Sunglass Hut. One of my biggest inspiration comes from all of my travels whether it’s from the people, architecture, food, culture, etc. On the last day of Fashion Week Africa, I was absolutely blown away by David Tlale’s collection and his attendees. For the last day, I felt like wearing all black with gold and red accents so I styled my black attire with my Two Songs gold sweatshirt and Ray Ban velvet sunnies from Sunglass Hut. aimee_song_gold_sweatshirt_celine_heels_south_afrcaaimee_song_dani_song_south_africa

Front row selfies! Love how we’re all supporting eyewear! song_of_style_south_africa_fashion_week

How beautiful is she? When I said I was blown away by David Tlale’s fashion show and his attendees, I wasn’t exaggerating. I was sitting right across from this beautiful lady and I was so mesmerized by all the stacks of beaded bracelets she had going on. Her and her friend (photo below) were both wearing a beautiful dress that was packed with geometric motifs and color… I was instantly inspired and she kindly posed for a cell phone photo. I love how her friend was wearing converse sneakers. So chic!song_of_style_south_africa_fashion_week_african_printssong_of_style_davide_tlale

This was the final walk through at David Tlale’s Spring 2015 show. Even though you can only see a few outfits you can tell how sick his collection is. My sister and I were completely blown away and I should’ve been super busy taking photos like my usual self but I was just so mesmerized by the prints that this was the only shot I got. aimee_song_david_tlale_south_africaWith David Tlale. I was so humbled that he knew who I was! Such a sweet and funny guy! I love how he’s always in sunglasses too! aimee_song_dani_song_gold_sweatshirt

With our super sweet bodyguard named Innocent. I’m wearing my Gold sweatshirt from Two Songs with the coolest velvet Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. Dani is wearing the $elfmade tee and sporting Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses also from Sunglass Hut.aimee_song_all_black_gold_sweatshirt_celine_heels

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