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Camel Coat and Suede Thigh High Boots

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aimee_song_camel_coat_thigh_high_suede_bootsThis outfit basically describes what L.A. winter is like. It was warm enough to wear shorts but I wanted to be weather appropriate so I wore my suede thigh highs, and really, I didn’t need to wear that camel coat since the temperature was in its high 70’s but it was part of my outfit so I draped it over my shoulders. aimee_song_camel_coat_striped_shortsaimee_song_camel_coat_grey_sweateraimee_song_anine_bing_sunglassesaimee_song_camel_color_coat

I spent the day hanging out with my new friend Brandon whom I met via instagram. Have you ever met up with someone that you followed on instagram? I’m such a people person that I love meeting up with people but this is my first time meeting someone via instagram. Yeah, I’ll meet bloggers or celebrities that I follow (or they follow me) on instagram, but I’ve never actually met up with someone. Anyways, I highly suggest you do so to make new friends but make sure you research them enough (look at their tagged photos and make sure they’re not a serial killer or something!)aimee_song_grey_sweater_suede_thigh_high_bootsaimee_Song_over_the_knee_boots

If you had to buy one pair of boots for winter, I highly suggest getting thigh high boots or over the knee boots. These are from Jimmy Choo, and I’ve worn them in so many different ways with jeans to dresses. aimee_song_otk_boots_grey_sweater

While posing for this photo, I smelled piss. Oh well, that’s DTLA you guys! aimee_song_proenza_schouler_ps11_bag

This Proenza Schouler still remains my favorite purchase of fall/winter. aimee_song_thigh_high_boots_sweater

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