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Belted Blazer and Skinny Jeans

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Love belting my old jackets to give them new life. I used to belt my coats during my San Francisco days circa 2009 (see here and don’t judge my adolescent ‘no-make-up-with-a-blemish-on-my-cheek’ face) but got reintroduced to belting them after being inspired by my favorite french editor Emmanuelle Alt. Belting your jackets definitely give you more shape and can instantly turn a normal or even a casual outfit to something else. I even belted a military jacket once (see here) and it def. changed the whole outfit. aimee_song_belted_blazeraimee_song_ripped_skinny_jeans_with_zipper_and_loafersaimee_song_grey_blazer_skinny_jeans_2aimee_song_grey_blazer_skinny_jeans_loafersaimee_song_studded_bag_skinny_jeans_with_zipper_loafers

My feet are really thanking me these days. Really love these boyish Stuart Weitzman oxford flats. I know I’ve said this numerous times but I’m so into oxford flats and loafers lately because they’re more on the dressier side of flats. aimee_song_belted_blazer_skinny_jeans_loafers_2aimee_song_belted_blazer_studded_bag_silver_jewelryI’ve been sporting silver lately… I’m such a gold girl but I like to mix metals once in awhile especially when my bag has silver studded details. Rings are from Pandora and also mixed up the gold and silver charms from Pandora.aimee_song_belted_blazer_studded_bagaimee_song_belted_blazer_skinny_jeans_loafers

Love, love, love these skinny jeans from Anine Bing. No, she’s not just good at making sick ass studded boots and leather jackets! Her jeans fit soooo well!aimee_song_grey_blazer_skinny_jeans

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