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Trench Coat and Fishtail Braid

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aimee_song_trench_coat_and_skinny_jeansA quick hello! It’s been a super busy week and it’s only Wednesday! I love a trench coat because it makes you look so pulled together! I literally got all ready to head out my place in less than 15 minutes and from those 15 minutes, my eyebrows took me 10 minutes. Because I woke up late, I just curled the front part of my hair and did a fishtail braid and hid the messy hair under a hat! So easy!aimee_song_trench_coat_hat_skinny_jeansaimee_song_trench_coat_and_skinny_jeans_pumps_2aimee_song_trench_coat_and_skinny_jeans_pumpsaimee_song_fishtail_braid_trench_coataimee_song_trench_coat_and_skinny_jeans_2

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