Outfit Song of Style

Oversized Blue Coat and Stella’s.

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This outfit is from 2 weeks ago and it was a gloomy overcast day in L.A. so I threw on this blue fuzzy oversized wool coat I got from French Connection while I was in New York to brighten the gloomy day. It’s actually raining in L.A. as I type this, so kinda wish I was wearing this coat right now because my mood is gloomy!aimee_song_blue_wool_coat_stella_mccartney_platform_loafers_3aimee_song_light_blue_coat_stella_mccartney_platform_loafers_3aimee_song_light_blue_coat_stella_mccartney_platform_loafersaimee_song_leather_shorts_stella_mccartney_platform_loafers

As you can tell by the beat up soles of these Stella McCartney’s platform loafers, I did tons of walking in them because they are that comfortable…only with socks. They were a purchase from Milan and the first day I got these I walked through the cobblestones of Milan all day and had blisters but did broke into them that day! aimee_song_light_blue_coat_stella_mccartney_platform_loafers_2aimee_song_blue_wool_coat_stella_mccartney_platform_loafersaimee_song_blue_wool_coat_stella_mccartney_platform_loafers_4

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