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aimee_song_rta_leather_pants_phillip_lim_wednesday_bagAs you may know by now, I’m not home in L.A. very often, and when I am I pretty much stay constantly busy, juggling my interior design projects with everything else going on in my daily life. With all of the running around and daily commuting, it’s tough sometimes to keep up with my Instagram photos, or make time to take good blog photos, especially since my iPhone camera just doesn’t cut it all of the time, so I was so happy when I found this new Canon PowerShot G7 X camera.
This tiny little camera gives me amazing photos, almost comparable to my DSLR, and is so compact and easy to carry with me everywhere, I’ve even started taking it with me when traveling, like I did this last trip to Dubai.
(Aperture: f/2  •  Shutter Speed 1/2000  •  ISO 125)

It also has handy little features like wifi transfer, which makes it super easy to transfer photos to my iPhone, whether it be for emailing design clients high quality interior photos while on the job site, or just uploading to Instagram or Facebook!
(Aperture: f/2.5  •  Shutter Speed 1/1600  •  ISO 125)

When I’m back home in L.A. it can easily fit into any of my bags (even some clutches) to make sure I never miss a perfect photo opp!
(Aperture: f/2.5  •  Shutter Speed 1/400  •  ISO 125)

I also love the fact that I can control the camera manually, similar to how I do my DSLR, so I can make sure to set it to familiar settings to capture the best results. I usually try to shoot from 160-320 ISO at an aperture of around f/2.0, adjusting the shutter speed accordingly, while trying not to go below 1/100. At certain times (when taking photos just after sunset for example), I may bump the ISO up to get the lighting perfect, but I always try to keep it to a max of 1600 to be safe, since setting the ISO too high can sometimes result in grainy photos.
(Aperture: f/2.8  •  Shutter Speed 1/2000  •  ISO 200)

Another amazing feature of this lil camera is the vari-angle screen which is not only convenient because it’s a touch screen, but also because it can flip around to face you, ensuring you get that perfect selfie!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
(Aperture: f/1.8  •  Shutter Speed 1/2000  •  ISO 400)

What camera do you guys use? Do you guys always carry your DSLR or do you also have a compact camera?

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