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New Age, New Hair, New Year. The Long Bob!

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aimee_song_long_bobI finally made the bold move of cutting my hair into a long bob! The last time I had shorter hair was in elementary school so this is such a huge change for me! I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for such a long time and contemplated it for about 3 years but never had the guts or the time to do it. After talking to my hair stylist Anh from Ramirez + Tran Salon for about 9 months, we finally decided to do it and I couldn’t be happier! The long bob (or lob) is the perfect length for my face shape since cutting it too short will reveal the roundness of my face, which is one of my insecurities…


My hair feels SO much healthier and instead of keeping my old ashy ombre, my colorist Sharon highlighted my hair in a warmer shade. I had the ombre hair for so long that my hair just needed a change! I just cut it yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to wash it (second day hair is the best!) but I can’t wait to wash my hair and save on shampoo, conditioner, AND time curling my hair!!

aimee_song_long_bob_2Wearing a French Connection La Boheme Embellished Jacket and Kain Classic Tee!


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