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The Best Surprise Birthday Ever

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Thank you all for the incredible birthday wishes on my social media channels! It was my birthday on the 10th and my best friends threw me my first surprise birthday party! When it comes to birthdays, I’m usually super low key… I never tell anyone about my birthday and I’d rather do a very small dinner instead of a party so this was definitely a huge surprise but nonetheless I absolutely loved it! So this is how my friends pulled it off without tipping me off! P.S. You have to watch the video that Wesley Mason and Dani made me because I can’t dare to show you my birthday cake… It’s super rated R!aimee_song_surprise_birthday_tom_ford
My friends had the brilliant idea of getting my manager to tell me that I was invited to an influencer dinner for Tom Ford. I don’t usually go to a lot of influencer dinners but how could I say no to Tom Ford? He’s one of my absolute favorite designers! They all knew I was going to dress up and show up on time. When I got to Herringbone at the Mondrian Hotel, I saw a bunch of people with Tom Ford masks so I thought it was funny until few seconds later, I realized it was a surprise birthday for me. aimee_song_birthdayaimee_song_birthday_3aimee_song_birthday_menu
The menu was hilarious. Because I don’t drink alcohol, there was a virgin drink named Song of Virgin with coconut water, beet juice, and basil ginger lemonade that was super tasty and healthy! Oh, and they even named a cocktail after my aka Aimee Strong.aimee_song_tom_ford_gigi_hadid_birthday
When my manager invited me to the ‘Tom Ford’ dinner, she mentioned Gigi Hadid was the host. My sister was the culprit!aimee_song_birthday_partyaimee_song_birthday_2aimee_song_birthday_treatsaimee_song_birthday_sweetsaimee_song_and_jennia
My best friend Jennia planned the whole thing out with the help with Dani and Sennett. I’m so grateful for them and still can’t believe they pulled it off! aimee_song_and_chriselle_lim
So glad that momma-to-be Chriselle made it with her hubby. I love this girl so much!aimee_song_sass_and_bide_dress_dvfI wore a Sass & Bide dress, DVF Alyona embellished blazer, Saint Laurent heels (only because my sister borrowed my Tom Ford heels) and an Emm Kuo clutch!

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