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The Boho Maxi Dress

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I used to wear bohemian maxi dresses in San Francisco quite often. Let’s say this is a tribute to my old days! I love returning to San Francisco as a grown up because it puts things into perspective. I remember the struggles as a college student, the streets I used to take my outfit photos on, the shortcuts I’d take to go to my job at the architecture firm, the buses I’d take to go to school, favorite restaurants that I’d go to with my man, and so much more. The city hasn’t changed much but I feel like I’ve changed, hopefully into a better version. I don’t see change as a bad thing. I always hope that I’ve changed in some way, not that I don’t like who I am, but I’d hate to be the exact same person as I was last year because growth is good in my opinion. song-of-style-blue-maxi-dress-brown-boots-san-francisco
I used to have an amazing butt when I was in San Francisco because I’d go up the hills everyday! Need to get back on that grind! song-of-style-alamo-square-michael-kors-maxi-dresssong-of-style-alamo-square-michael-kors-maxi-dress-2

Photos by Jennia

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