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Feeling Ladylike in Red lipstick, Glitter Pumps, and a Coat

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Ladylike. Depending on who you ask I guess that definition can mean several different things. It might be a feeling, an appearance, an attitude, and the list goes on. One thing I love about dressing up is you can be whichever version of yourself because not all of us are just one thing. I’m not always ladylike, nor always sexy, nor always a tomboy, nor always goofy, nor always serious. I’m a combination of all and love to portray that through my clothes. song-of-style-black-shirt-black-skirt-glitter-pumps

This particular day, I felt quite ladylike. It’s fall, so my skirts are getting longer and I’m loving that I get to finally wear a coat whether it’s draped over my shoulders or I’m actually wearing it. When it comes to midi skirts, I personally love the A-line skirt because I find it flattering to most body types. I created an LBD look with a basic t-shirt and black skirt but added blue accents to the look with these glitter pumps from Kate Spade and book clutch, also from Kate Spade.song-of-style-red-lipstick-kate-spade-coat

Btw, I finally found a red lipstick I love that suits my skin tone!song-of-style-kate-spade-glitter-pumps-bow-coat-2song-of-style-kate-spade-glitter-pumps-bow-coat

My favorite part about this Kate Spade coat is the bow on the back. Discovering these fun details is always a great surprise!song-of-style-kate-spade-book-clutch-bow-coat

I love carrying clutches lately and ever since I carried my first Kate Spade clutch during Milan Fashion Week (the checkered one with an automobile as a hardware!) I keep searching for new fun ones and this It’s Written in the Stars book clutch does not disappoint! song-of-style-black-shirt-black-skirt-glitter-pumps_2

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