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So glad I packed my Mikoh bikini to Europe because the bikini bottom is a bit skimpy and if I’m ever going to be skimpy, it’s going to be in Europe! I mean, if I had a million dollar ass or my sister’s ass I’d totally rock a thong (I’m working on my squats) but for now this lil’ skimpy bikini bottom will do. The trick to making your butt look good in a bikini bottom is to get a bikini bottom that doesn’t completely cover the butt but only covers half or less. Trust me, it works.  song-of-style-formentera-viewsong-of-style-mikoh-bikini-diamond-necklace

I’m always wearing jewelry whether I’m in the water or not. I’m wearing One Jewelry Gabby Necklace (similar here and here) and Art Youth Society Diamond Double Necklacesong-of-style-mikoh-bikini-formenterasong-of-style-mikoh-bikini-formentera-2song-of-style-mikoh-bikini-formentera-3

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