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I Will What I Want

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song-of-style-work-utI’m wearing my new workout tank from Under Armour that says “I Will What I Want.” It’s a great reminder for us to pursue what we want without any permission from anyone. We’re in charge of our own life and the only ones that have control over ourselves so never give up on what you’re working for! Having a full time job while maintaining a blog as well as traveling requires a lot of work and I have to admit, sometimes it gets stressful. Stress is inevitable and everyone has their own battles to fight but it’s important to deal with your stress in a positive way. One of the ways for me to de-stress is to workout. I do believe that eating healthy and working out gives you not only a healthy body but a healthy mind thus giving you a happy life!

My favorite workouts usually are the ones you do with a group of people whether it’s cycling, barre, or any type of class setting. However, since I travel so much it’s hard for me to be committed to a class so below are a few moves I try at home or at my hotel.
1. Plank. I do 3 reps for about 30 seconds to 60 seconds on a good day.
2. Plank with leg lifts. Lift your leg up for 30 seconds and One Legged Push-ups. With your left leg extended, lower into a push-up while keeping your leg lifted.

Can we also talk about how bad ass Gisele is in this Under Armour Women video?

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