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Daisy Dreaming

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Marc Jacobs has done it again with a new dreamy perfume called Daisy Dream. I love the scent of my Daisy perfume and the new Daisy Dream perfume smells sweeter yet still light and airy with an equally adorable bottle covered in daisies.


They say never judge a book by its cover but it’s ok to judge a perfume by it’s bottle right? I love all the daisies covering this bottle and all the gold accents!



I never stop daydreaming and neither should you! To celebrate the launch of the Daisy Dream, Marc Jacobs wants to know about your dream for a chance to win tons of gifts. Make sure to make your own Dream Capsule and submit here. Below is my Dream Capsule.jpeg

My dream consists of pretty flowers that remind me of romantic getaways, my happy place that is the beach, traveling to a city with great historic architecture… kind of sounds like my recent getaway, no?song-of-style-marc-jacobs-daisy-dream-4

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