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Scallop Bikini and Kimono

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I love wearing kimonos from the streets to the beach. They’re so light and easy to wear so I always pack at least one when I’m traveling. I find them so easy to wear. Whether you’re wearing them with denim cut offs, boyfriend jeans, or a dress, kimonos definitely turn any basic outfit into something more. song-of-style-ibiza-scallop-bikini-kimonosong-of-style-ibiza-kimono-2song-of-style-scallop-bikini-printed-shorts-embellished-clutch

Mixing prints again but keeping them in the same color family so it’s not too crazy!song-of-style-ibiza-kimono-jcrew-shortssong-of-style-ibiza-scallop-bikini-embellished-clutchsong-of-style-jcrew-shortssong-of-style-ibiza-scallop-bikinisong-of-style-ibiza-beach

Partygoers waiting for the beach party. By the time the sun went down (this was taken around 8pm) the beach was paaaacked. song-of-style-ibiza-daybed

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