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Ibiza Beach Attire

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Quick hola from Ibiza! Spent an amazing week in beautiful Ibiza with my sister and friends and it was just what I needed. Full of beautiful beaches, good food, expensive drinks (thank goodness I don’t drink!), too much house music, and much more. song_of_style_ibiza_beach

European beaches are so different from the Californian beaches that I’m used to. People don’t care about being topless and are so much more free. I went a lil’ risqué myself… Oh well, trust me when I tell you I was the most overdressed person out here. There were so many nudist (not pictured.)song_of_style_striped_shirt_denim_shorts_ibiza_2 song_of_style_striped_shirt_denim_shorts_ibiza_4 song_of_style_striped_shirt_denim_shorts_ibiza_5 song_of_style_striped_shirt_denim_shorts_ibiza_6 song_of_style_striped_shirt_denim_shorts_ibizaSundry Striped Shirt (similar here and here)
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