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Skin Inc. Serums

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It’s only recent that I’ve been more keen on taking care of my skin. I’ve never really used any products other than lotion and Aquaphor since I have super sensitive skin with eczema. However, as I get older and from being under the sun when surfing, I noticed that I keep getting these small wrinkles on my forehead and one two many freckles/sunspots despite all the sunscreen I use. So as of a few months ago, I’ve been trying few products here and there, adding coconut oil to my beauty routine and tried couple of different skincare brands. Because I have super sensitive eczema skin, I sometimes breakout, or my skin doesn’t agree with the products I use so I’ve been searching for something more natural and soothing and this is when I discovered Skin Inc. I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks (not going to lie, I’m quite forgetful so I used it perhaps every other day-ish.) and I do see a huge difference. Basically, every skin is different and we all want to target different things. For me, it’s about minimizing and preventing wrinkles without disturbing my sensitive skin and keeping it hydrated. This is where Skin Inc. comes in because you can customize the serums through their Skin Identity test where you answer several questions, and the Skin Identity gives you exactly what your skin needs. Long gone are days where you use 4-5 different skin care products to fix your skincare problems.
The three serums that are in my bottle are: Hyaluronic Acid (hydrates dehydrated skin) + Relieve Licorice (calms and soothes rough, sunburnt and inflamed skin) + Reinforce Ceramide (Soothes dry, sensitive skin and strengthens it against further damage.) So far, I really like what it’s doing to my skin and love how easy they are to use plus, they’re small enough to pack with me to my travels. My favorite part about these serum is that they’re customized for my skin plus they’re 100% pure with no parabens and no scent so it works really well with my sensitive skin.

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