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Maxi Dress Dreamin’ in Fes, Morocco

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I don’t usually wear maxi dresses on a day to day basis, but when I’m on vacation, I always pack at least one or two since they solve the last minute ‘what should I wear?’ problem. They’re easy to style since all you have to do is throw on an oversized scarf or a simple jacket (or even a leather jacket) to be covered up and add your favorite accessories. song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_2  song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_5
The one I’m wearing here is from Lovers + Friends, and I was drawn to the double slit situation. I’m not short, but I’m clearly no 5’10 super model, so sometimes maxi dresses can make me look short. Slits on maxi dresses create an elongating effect and are subtly sexy. song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_4 song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_moroccosong_of_style_pamela_love_necklace
As a huge fan of Pamela Love’s jewelry, the gold arrowhead pieces are my favorite from her collection. Also wore some other gold pieces from Love Goldsong_of_style_green_dresssong_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_6song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_8song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_7song_of_style_green_maxi_dress_morocco_fes_8

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