Outfit Song of Style

The Denim Skirt

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The 90’s called and they want their denim skirt back but I ain’t giving it back. As of matter of fact, I’m loving the updated silhouette on today’s denim skirt. Denim skirts are casual but this one from Lovers +Friends has a more classic look to it thanks to the pencil skirt silhouette so I paired it with an easy striped shirt from J. Crewsong_of_style_denim_pencil_skirtsong_of_style_stripe_button_down_shirtsong_of_style_denim_skirtsong_of_style_ripped_demim_skirtsong_of_style_denim_skirt_4song_of_style_denim_skirt_3song_of_style_denim_skirt_celine_heels

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