White Button Down and Denim Shorts Kinda Day

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Nothing says like I’m ready for summer more than a simple white button down and denim shorts. I wore this last week to the groceries to get ready for the flower post! It’s super easy and simple, and reminds me a lot of my older days when I used to live in clean white shirts and denim shorts (as seen in this post.)song_of_style_white_shirt_denim_shorts_isabel_marantsong_of_style_red_tote_flowerssong_of_style_white_buttondown_denim_shortsI love the simplicity of a white shirt, but also love that it stands as a blank canvas so that I can layer my favorite gold pieces. I’m wearing a Jennifer Zeuner Pia Necklace and the Nezareh Necklace.song_of_style_white_shirtsong_of_style_white_button_down_ShirtFrom vintage to J.Crew, Equipment, and Topshop, I love stocking up on white shirts since they’re so easy for those days when you don’t know what to wear. Just wear them with your go-to skinny jeans, and pile on your favorite baubles and voila, You’ve created a good classic look.  song_of_style_red_bagThis Schutz bag has been my go to travel bag and grocery bag (no paper or plastic please) as of late. It’s super spacious and is always a great pop of color. song_of_style_white_shirt_denim_shorts

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