Coachella Outfit

Playsuit Moment in Palm Springs, California

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song_of_style_palm_springs_leopard_dressI stayed at the coolest house in Palm Springs during Coachella this year. Usually, I stay near the concert venue at a hotel since Palm Springs is more than a 30 minute drive away, but when my friends suggested renting a house in Palm Springs, I couldn’t say no! For those who are going to Coachella the second weekend or in the future, I highly recommend renting a place in Palm Springs with a group of friends especially if most of you guys will be hitting up the parties and Coachella together. The driving part kind of sucks, but when you’re with good company, it’s not so bad!song_of_style_palm_springs_leopard_dress_3The house we stayed at was so lovely, that I literally took these photos by the door step. song_of_style_palm_springs_leopard_dress_4song_of_style_coachella_nailsRings from L to R: Tiffany & Co. Atlas Open Ring, Art Youth Society Song Ring, Vintage ring from Wesley Mason, Art Youth Society Diamond Ring, Shylee Rose Screw Eternity Band Ring, Tiffany & Co. Atlas Ring.song_of_style_palm_springssong_of_style_palm_springs_leopard_dress_2

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