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Cape Town, South Africa.

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Taking you guys back to South Africa. After visiting Knysna, my sister and I took a flight to Cape Town and stayed there for about two days. Cape Town was everything I had imagined but more.


Since we were only there for a short period of time, I wanted to see as much of the attractions as I could, so I booked a private car tour through the hotel concierge, which I highly recommend. We drove through all of the different neighborhoods in Cape Town.

song_of_style_cape_town_mirrored_aviatorssong_of_style_cape_town_2We stopped by the beach and took these photos on our drive through Chapman’s Peak Drive, which was a really beautiful scenic drive. Every turn we made, my sister and I couldn’t stop saying, “look!” and “wow!” because the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I went up on the rocks to take in this ocean view and see the surfers. Oh, I so wished I could surf here! Had I been a better surfer and had enough time, I totally would’ve taken a day to just surf, although I hear the water is extremely cold.song_of_style_cape_town_white_dresssong_of_style_cape_townsong_of_style_cape_town_white_dress_lace_sandalssong_of_style_cape_town_lace_up_sandalsRay Ban Mirrored Aviators
Lovers + Friends Dress (similar here and here)
Schutz Lace Up Sandals (heel version here and here)
Antik Batik Embellished Clutch


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