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Knightsbridge, London

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song_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeans_3 London might be my newest favorite city! It was my first time in London (I know, so hard to believe!) and I loved every moment of it from the people, to architecture, to the accent! I think I can do a pretty good British accent approved by the people I met in London. ;)song_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeans_chain_bootsFor a day filled with sightseeing, I opted for comfy boots from Belle by Sigerson Morrison. I mainly wore these boots only while I was in London because they went with almost every outfit I brought with me. The chain details add an interesting detail to these boots.song_of_style_celine_edge_bag_pythonsong_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeanssong_of_style_orange_sweatersong_of_style_orange_sweater_ripped_jeans_2

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