One Hot Date

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song_of_style_short_suit_1With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve teamed up with EXPRESS to create a Valentine’s Day inspired look. I’m not really one to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a super sexy dress, since I’m not a traditionalist and don’t like anything too expected. For this Valentine’s Day, I’m going for a subtly sexy look with a short suit from EXPRESS. The shiny satin material on the lapels of this blazer definitely give it more a night time flare!

I kept my outfit super simple with white and black, but of course had to accessorize!

What’s your ideal Valentine’s Day date night look? You can share pics by tagging #OneHotDate. P.S., EXPRESS is also giving away 2 movie tickets for any purchases over $100!song_of_style_short_suit_2song_of_style_short_suit_3song_of_style_short_suit_4song_of_style_short_suit_5song_of_style_short_suit_6

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