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Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Tweet Shop

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DAISY MARC JACOBS Pop-Up Tweet ShopDAISY MARC JACOBS Pop-Up Tweet ShopMJdaisychainThursSm4MJdaisychainThursSm5MJdaisychainWinner2-3MJdaisychainWinner2-8While I was in New York, I of course had to stop by the Daisy Marc Jacobs Pop-Up Tweet Shop that was open from February 7th-9th. The concept of this store was to basically use social media as currency. After taking a photo of any of the lovely items in the store, simply hashtag #MJDAISYCHAIN, then Instagram or tweet it, and one of many #MJDAISYCHAIN products is yours!

I also had the honor of choosing the winner of a photo contest where we got to hand out Marc Jacob handbags as a prize.

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