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song_of_style_juicy_sport_2One of the questions I get asked the most is how do I eat as much as I do and still manage to stay fit. I do eat a lot, and yes, I do eat everything that I post. Some people work out to stay in shape, some people work out because it makes them feel good. Well, I joke (and also quite mean it) to my friends, that I work out so that I can eat all the delicious food I want. Sadly, I’m not as disciplined as most of my friends are. It’s hard for me to resist that cheesecake or not reach for bread and butter before a meal.  However, I realize that when I work out and stay active, I’m more conscious of what goes into my body thus I try to eat healthier.

Anyways, you’ve seen my countless Runyon Canyon photos, and I’m a firm believer in wearing cute work out clothes. I mean, you don’t want to wear ugly work out clothes and run into that crush of yours, do you? I’m so glad that Juicy came out with Juicy Sport, full of cute work out clothes, my favorite being the leopard pieces!

Check out my Q&A with Juicy HERE!song_of_style_juicy_sport_boxingsong_of_style_juicy_sportSome of my favorite workouts include:

Soul Cycle – good playlist is a must and it feels like you’re in a club, cycling to the beat!

Hot Yoga – instead of the 90 minute Bikram yoga, I do the 60 minute hot Vinyasa yoga early in the morning before work whenever I’m in L.A.

Runyon Canyon – I love hiking since it feels like a good quality time between my dogs and I.

Paddle Boarding – another work out I love doing with my dog, Charcoal. I just love workouts that seem more like a fun activity.

Boxing – I love boxing with Alex from City of Angels Boxing. I used to go almost everyday when his gym used to be closer to my house and I remember how ripped I got.song_of_style_juicy_sport_paddle_boardingsong_of_style_juicy_sport_chrisellesong_of_style_juicy_sport_hiking_groupsong_of_style_juicy_sport_charcoalsong_of_style_juicy_sport_jump

What are your favorite types of workout? Anytime else you do to stay in shape? Please share! xo


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