My Sister Dani

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I’m blessed in so many ways but I feel so grateful that God has blessed me with Dani, my sister. Anyone who knows her will tell you, she has a special energy about her that attracts great people. My sister exudes positivity and always has this burst of energy assuring that there is never a dull moment when I’m with her. She truly gets a long with everyone and really has a warm heart. I chose these positivity and loyalty charms from the #PANDORAessencecollection to represent her, and as her older sister, I know she looks up to me in many ways, but so do I. She’ll be that one person I’ll always go to for advice, and in the event that the whole world turns their back on me, I know she’ll always have my back.dani-song-pandora-2Styled with positivity and loyalty charms from the PANDORA Essence Collection.dani-song-pandora-4Styled with positivity and loyalty charms from the PANDORA Essence Collection.

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