Summer Weekend Wear

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My Sundays in L.A. are usually spent at the flea market or by the beach. Whichever it is, there’s always a lot of walking involved and my outfits tend to be very casual. This past weekend I was on a mission to find some cool chairs in one of my favorite white tees and white denim shorts. Didn’t have no luck but oh, well, at least the weather was beautiful.
White t-shirts or tees are a staple in my wardrobe. I have one two many of them and although they might look almost identical when they’re folded in my closet, just by touching each tee, I know exactly which one it is. Every one is cut differently, has a slightly different texture, and fits my body differently. However, even though I love simple white tees, I’m really, I mean really, picky about them which is why every white tee I have seems to be my favorite white t-shirt.
I wear white on white way too often. To break it up a little, I threw on a denim shirt around my waist. Someone on instagram mentioned that I was channeling my sister since she always ties shirts around her waist!
Oddly, I don’t really own any black bags but I like the backpack nature of this Rebecca Minkoff bag and the metal detailing add an edge to it.
This isn’t just another pair of white denim shorts. These shorts have leather pockets on them!

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