Summer Prints

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How is everyone’s week going? I’m staying busy since I’m leaving for Korea next week and have so much work to finish before I leave! It’s been so long since I was there so I’m excited and nervous at the same time.
This was my back to work outfit after my trip to Kentucky. Kentucky was so hot that when I got back to L.A., it didn’t feel that hot despite the weather being somewhere in the 80’s. Must be the dry heat in L.A.
I’ve worn the shorts version of these jeans from Rebecca Minkoff back here, and I’ve always had a weak spot for printed jeans so I couldn’t resist these.
I know sometimes it can be intimidating to try printed jeans but I suggest pairing it with simple basics like a white tee, or pull a color from the pants and wear a top in a similar color family. If you’re feeling bold, you can also try pairing it with a contrasting color!
Kept my armswag simple this day since I didn’t want to compete against the printed jeans and the trimmed sleeves on my top.
I love anklets. My first memory of anklets is when my mom got me a bracelet and it was too big on me so she put it around my ankle instead. Whether you’re putting a friendship bracelet (or embellished bracelet) around your ankles or a bracelet or even combining two bracelets to make one anklet like I did… (the heart anklet is an actual anklet) anklets are a fun way to somewhat dress up your feet.

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