Denim Shorts Obsession

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It’s no secret that I love denim shorts. Growing up in California, denim shorts were basically my uniform. Whenever I’m in an outfit slump and on a time crunch, denim shorts seem to be the easiest answer. I try not to wear denim shorts as much since I feel like I’ve outgrown them but who am I kidding? Denim shorts are so easy to wear! While trying to think of different ways to wear denim shorts, I thought I would share how I’ve been wearing mine over the past years.
The Classic White Shirt. This combo has been worn for so many years and even decades, but is one combo that’ll never get old. The key to this look is to make sure that white shirt is slightly oversized!
The Vintage Tee. Style your denim shorts with your favorite vintage tee or a graphic tee.
Summer Tops. Whether it’s a ruffled top or a top with cut-outs, style your denim shorts with your favorite summer top.
Chanel Espadrilles + A Colorful Jacket.  Making my own little statement with bright jackets!
Sneakers. Make your denim shorts look even more casual and sporty by pairing them with sneakers. Another favorite of mine is pairing it with nautical stripes.
High Heels. Denim shorts can be worn to work. Maybe not to a typical office, but by pairing the shorts with heels and going with a button up, the outfit looks more polished.
Bohemian. Nothing says more boho than a fringe cape. To complete the boho look, you can go with a pair of boots but I went with leopard wedge sandals.
There you have it! Some of my favorite ways of wearing the denim shorts. Please do share how you wear yours!

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