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From Rabat, Morocco.

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Hello from Rabat, Morocco! Morocco has always felt so foreign yet exotic to me and has been one of the top countries that I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve been here for awhile now and everyday I’m learning more about the country, the people, and the language (French and Arabic!) I feel so blessed to be here and to be experiencing all this!
I wasn’t sure what to pack for Morocco as everyone was telling me different things about the dress code. Since Morocco is a Muslim country and the majority of the women tend to cover up, I brought tons of maxi dresses and light jackets as well as the usual summery clothes. 
Just to be safe, on one of the first days in Rabat, Morocco, I wore a maxi dress from Mara Hoffman and had my Anine Bing leather jacket with me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that nobody seem to care about how I dressed so I quickly ditched the jacket and strolled around town. Aside from being hollered at (I mean, I get hollered at and honked at in L.A way more so this came as no surprise haha) I did not get any weird stares for wearing a sleeveless dress. O.K., maybe a few stares and claps when I started twirling around for a photo opp., but other than that, no one really cared about how I dressed plus contrary to popular belief, not all the ladies here were covered up. It was a nice surprise to find girls my age dressed up and btw, I met so many stylish Moroccan readers!
Since the dress is such a busy pattern, I opted for a metallic pair of sandals to give it a contrast.
It takes a very special dress to keep me covered up (I mean, you know me. My love for short shorts, and short dresses!) and the colorful pattern and the slits sold me on this dress.
Photos by Dani Song

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