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My Bedside Flowers

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As a child, my mom enjoyed decorating with flowers, especially dried flowers (she’d display them or hang them on the wall) and being such a high energy kid, I’d always bump into these flowers and make a huge mess out of them, so I was never really into flowers. However, as I got older and started designing interiors, I realized that there is nothing like flowers to brighten up a space and make a room come to life. It’e probably one of the easiest and cheapest decor touches, and they make such a big impact.
I always have fresh flowers in my house especially in the bedroom. Because I have such a sensitive nose, I don’t like to use any type of air fresheners but like to have the place smell nice with flowers or natural candles instead. Sometimes when my flowers are withering and I haven’t gotten the chance to put fresh flowers, I’ll just spray my Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume since it smells fresh and doesn’t smell too perfume-y. Overall, my objective is always to try to make my room smell fresh but not overpowering with scents.
What about you guys? Any favorite types of flowers and tricks to keep your space smelling fresh?

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