Fashion Week New York

Concept Korea

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For four seasons in a row, Concept Korea has selected a few South Korean designers to showcase their collections at Lincoln Center. It was one of the few presentations that Wesley Mason and I were both able to enjoy as there was also menswear. The menswear you see here is Resurrection by Juyoung, and I wanted to make a smaller version of each and everyone of her pieces so that I could wear it. The wetsuit-like blazer was too good to pass, not to mention the bright orange color that was striking. Another favorite of mine were the colorful and cheery prints by the designers Steve J & Yoni P. What I’d give to wear the matching blazer, top, and shorts with the green clutch.
I’ve never paid much attention to Korean designers, but after this presentation, I’m quite interested in seeing more and could totally picture all of these designers becoming mainstream.

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