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Song of Style for Anarchy Street

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Photographer & Stylist: Aimee
Assistant Stylist: Mira
Model: Chloe
Hair & Make Up: Dani & Carol
I’ve been working with a few different companies/brands and photographers styling shoots for the past couple of months and this is one of them except, I didn’t just style them but I shot them!
A while back, Anarchy Street asked me to style their jewelry collection and after going back and forth different between photographers they suggested that I shoot the collection.
I’ve test shot models before when doing castings, but never done anything professional and this was such an amazing experience and I learned so much preparing the shoot and during the shoot.
The jewelry collection is a modern interpretation of tribalism and is very ethnic and bohemian.
I fell in love with all of them and you guys have already seen me wearing them in my previous post.
I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures and the styling and if you have any good constructive criticism on what I can improve on please do share!
Also, you should definitely head over to Anarchy Streets website to view their jewelry collection.

Thank you for the sweet comments guys! For those who asked about the clothes in this shoot, except for the last two outfits, they are all from Anarchy Street!

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