Fashion Week New York Outfit

Bright Red and Bright Blue

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This dress was actually a longer dress that only came a few inches above the knee. It was an awkward length for an average height girl like me so with the help of fabric tape and an iron, I was able to shorten it.
I was going to share the lipstick color and brand I was wearing but I can’t find that lipstick anywhere! I normally don’t lose things easily but on this trip to New York I lost my brand new Michael Kors sunglasses, almost lost my handbag, and now lost my new favorite lipstick.
I’m going to have to go back to Sephora to buy the same lipstick again. I’m pretty sure it was from Make Up Forever, but I’ll double check.
Btw, the first image is by Jason from Citizen Couture for Harpers Bazaar. (Thank you, Jason!)

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