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The Bench I’ve been working on Forever!

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Probably not the most flattering pictures of me due to the lack of sleep + spending too much time in the warehouse but I wanted to share with you guys the bench I made this semester.
I just finished putting the bench together today which is why my wedges are covered in sawdust and although you can’t tell in this picture but the hardest part was doing the 115 degree angle on the back of the bench. Making that angle and gluing it together was a pain in the butt. Not to mention sanding this entire bench by hand was also a pain but I did it! hehe
I still have to put one more coat on the bench but I had to hurry up and go to my professor’s warehouse to get it photographed. The photographer wouldn’t let anyone wear shoes because it was going to make the screen dirty but I begged the photographer to let me wear my matching zara clogs. :)
btw, Thanks for still stopping by and emailing me despite the lack of updates.
I’ve been very behind in getting back to you guys via email but will write back very soon.
WOOHOO only one more final left and I’m done for the semester!

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