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A Bright Night

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(Vintage Blazer, AA thermal shirt, Arden B Skinny Jeans, Steve Madden Boots, H&M; Scarf)
I want to take amazing night shots like Michael Oats and I want to wear this super stylish, somewhat givenchy-ish black outfit)
On a totally unrelated note, does anybody like UFC? I’m like the only girl(that I know of) that loves UFC. I know it could be a little gruesome, but I grew up watching WWF/WWE with my dad but grew out of it once I realized that it was scripted(despite the fact that the action is real)
When I discovered UFC like 5-6 years ago, I was so hooked, I wanted to be the first female UFC fighter. haha. I still want to learn how to do different martial arts especially Jiu Jitsu.
Aimeeways, I cannot wait till Saturday when BJ Penn and one of my favorite fighters, George St. Pierre fight. I seriously can’t wait for St. Pierre to kick Penn’s ass (I’m sorry to all my Hawaiian readers, but I think Penn is too cocky.)
Sorry if I’m boring you guys with a subject that’s totally unrelated to fashion, but I’m just kinda, little too excited about this Saturday’s fight. hehehe

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